Casino mage wotog

casino mage wotog

Hey there,. This is my first deck ever created on this page so please be kind:) I was looking for a casino mage and made up my mind about it. I thought I would never say this but tempomage might be good in just got legend with it 36W 12L % At the core it's still a tempo mage deck with flamewakers and mana wyrms. Yogg- Saron is [Hearthstone. In one instance, the opponent missed lethal because he apparently didn't know Majordomo-Ice Block interaction. Honestly this is not the deck to not have Alextraza for. It's just there's no meta decks that run the desthrattle synergy. Druid Cards Neutral Cards Rogue Cards Warrior Cards. Race Beast Demon Dragon Elemental Mech Murloc Pirate Totem. You keep your secret when you transform so if you had an Ice Block Grom can't 1 shot you. Its not that common someone can even do that much damage even with a BGH. Since we have no boom or loatheb, I think it warrants a slot for antonidas or ragnaros, even if tome is your lategame, it is still completely randomized. I wasn't quite sure about this one. This could see the return of Azure Drake in freeze decks. Finished with a Golden Majordormu and 1 Golden Wisp Donations. With the addition of Anomalus, Faceless Summoner, and Twilight Flamecaller, one of their big anti-synergies, too many spells and not enough minions in a deck that needs to get value out of Echo of Medivh and Duplicate, is much less of an issue; two of them combine clear and minion in one package, and the other allows one to get 5 minions! Seeing Yogg played on the stream was hilariously awesome. Unless you tracked each of his matches its hard to say if it is a meta or he was winning matchups he should not have. We can control when to play the secrets now instead of just having them put out for us. What I'm using right now: He was dead either way in the game, Majordomo ended up doing like 16 damage to the other players face and carrying. Tempo Mage decks are hard to figure out, and often rely on metas and need further optimization to find the exact right balance. The idea is if you're playing a solid minion at each slit, it's better than the "average" cthun minion. Keep in mind that sloto cash casino no deposit bonus codes discovers will be secrets, with the occasional waddaboo flamewaker choice. But it is involves some random and not always figuren schach. Posts are automatically archived after 6 months. What I book of ra online i don't agree with is jeweled scarab. For Apothecary to be the equal of healbot you would need to be in elsa malen pretty tight spot - I'd usually prefer to nuke the field I think. Casino gratis essen there are trade games to play online for free now like no Fireballs for extra healing to stay alive.

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This is a good player who could easily be Top so competitive still seems relative. I mean look at the in-class options by mana cost: Casino mage wotog Free slot games gaminator Set Adventure Http: The whole point of Majordomo and the deck itself is to simply out value your opponent. So the win con is more like "big stuff at the end" like control warrior, and Majordomo happens to be one of the big things at the end.

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May 2, at 4: Pyroblast is just too slow for this variant. There's a high chance you draw aoe or secrets and will be out of steam, while a potential ragnaros or antonidas may finish the game for you. I came out that this is deck seems to be very good against all the aggro decks right now especially for the Pala Murluc. I could definitely see double novice, double loot hoarder coming in. Any comments that are overly derogatory will be removed and could result in an account or site ban. Curse Facebook Twitter Youtube Newsletter Sign In Sizzling 7 free online slots Careers Help About Curse Advertise Terms of Service Privacy Policy CopyrightCurse Inc. If you think hobgoblin joker gewinnspiel isn't a unique deck, that would pretty much finish this discussion. Aggro shaman will probably be right behind it though. I'm going to try it out on release stargames owner jerry solomon. You can only craft 1 wort mit 10 verschiedenen buchstaben you can't use more than one and blizzard doesn't want to confuse us.

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